Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Dean's Message

The vision of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is based on educating young engineers, architects and interior architects who would appreciate the cultural values of the society, respect the environment as well as the universal human values, and would be ready to come up with creative solutions to any societal issue.

In Architecture and Interior Architecture departments, the knowledge and skills gained by students in design studies and in various theoretical and application-oriented courses are integrated in project studio studies and supported by studies of written expression, technical and artistic manual skills and intensive use of computer.

Department of Computer Engineering mainly focuses on both teaching and research and project applications. The department primarily includes subjects from computer/IT world; software and hardware, computer communications such as internet technologies, database management, hardware design, software development, etc. Our students are further encouraged to attend psychology, entrepreneurship classes which help them develop their cultural and social skills and be aware of the environment to which they belong.

The Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering aims at giving a strong engineering background to the students and provide them with the adaptation capability to the rapidly changing scientific and technologic developments in Electronics and Communications field. The students meet the real world applications in the laboratories which are equipped with the most advanced equipment, to test the theoretical knowledge given in the courses.

Chemical Engineering is interested in the substances (from plastics, ceramics and cement to pharmaceuticals, dyes and paints) that we see around us and their structures and physical changes that they undergo as well. It also covers all the processes involved in their production, purification, energy and cost requirements. It is the objective of our Department to educate highly skilled and well-disciplined chemical engineers who have the knowledge of modern technology and who are aware of environmental problems.

The Department of Industrial Engineering integrates and applies knowledge, skills and experience of Engineering and Management fields. Students gain knowledge and experience on obtaining a profession in all the fields of production and services under the guidance of faculty members who have international experience.

Civil Engineering is the main branch of the engineering subdivision that deals with bringing in material and technique together in the most possible way and is concerned with buildings, ways, bridges, dams and other constructions. It has always had a wide scope in terms of work, research and implementation.

The Department of Software Engineering covers all software related areas of design, development, production, operation and maintenance. Also the planning for manufacturing, management, support systems and education play important roles in software engineering applications. Software Engineering is a relatively new engineering branch with its specific fields. Having a close relationship with the other programmes such as Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mathematics, it aims at developing and managing new software systems. Designing and developing software is a kind of arts practice as well as an engineering practice.

Prof. Ethem Soner ÇELİKKOL

Dean of the Faculty of the Engineering - Architecture