Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

A Message from Head of Department

Our curriculum was prepared so as to comply with the BOLOGNA criteria, and also to meet the prerequisites that UCTEA - The Chamber of Electrical Engineers seeks to give the Certified Consulting Engineer (CEE) authority (also known as the signing authority in the marketplace).

The students of our Department may also benefit from the laboratories of the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, which has been providing education since Fall 2006-2007. There are four laboratories specialized for different purposes and fully equipped with advanced devices. These are, Electronics and Circuits Laboratory, Logic Circuits and Microprocessor Laboratory, Communications and Microwave Laboratory, and a workshop that our students may use to manufacture the printed circuit boards that they design, both as part of their design or graduation projects, and due to their personal occupational interests.  

Successful students of our Department have the opportunity to do Double Major or Minor in suitable programmes.

The medium of instruction in the Department is Turkish. The English preparatory school is optional.

Prof. Adnan KAYPMAZ
Head of Department