Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

A Message from Head of Department

The main objective of the Department of Interior Architecture is to educate modern interior architects who are equipped with necessary knowledge and skills and who can plan and design innovative and viable interior spaces. The Department was created around studio/project works based on interior architecture and the courses which are related to art, architecture, construction technologies and environmental control disciplines were included.

In the first year of the Department, theoretical and practical courses which lay the foundation of the education are given. Design Studio courses start in the second year and continue till the end of the Programme. Besides, it is aimed at equipping students with the necessary knowledge of artistic and technical sides of Interior Architecture with all the theoretical and practical courses. The content of the Design Studio courses, which are carried out in a computer-aided way, develops in parallel with the knowledge accumulated through the education. The courses Architectural Presentation Techniques, Construction Technology and Materials, Cost Planning in Interior Architecture, Physical Environment Control, Building Research and Documentation, Restoration, Furniture Design and Professional Practice in which computer aided drawing techniques are taught are the fundamental and specialized courses of the Department.

Equipping students with one foreign language and a wide perspective, the Department of Interior Architecture prepares its students for being a capable of working successfully in Turkey and abroad.

The medium of instruction is English. English preparatory school is compulsory.

It is compulsory to carry out internship for 20 days in office and 20 days in construction site in order to prepare for the professional life. 

Asst. Prof. Ela BOZKURT
Head of Department