Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Faculty Overview

The Faculty of Engineering - Architecture was founded in 1997. The main aim of our faculty is to educate young engineers, architects and interior designers who would appreciate the cultural values of the society, respect the environment as well as the universal human values, aim at being innovative and enterprising in design and technology and would be ready to come up with creative solutions to any societal issue.

In Architecture and Interior Architecture departments, the knowledge and skills gained by students in design studies and in various theoretical and application-oriented courses are integrated in project studio studies and supported by studies of written expression, technical and artistic manual skills and intensive use of computer.

Engineering departments focus on theoretical education at universal scale and project applications in the light of technological and scientific developments. As well as fundamental education, practical education is provided in vocational laboratories.

Medium of instruction is both English and Turkish, depending on the department. Also, students have the opportunity to do Double Major / Minor and benefit from exchange programmes such as Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana so as to receive education abroad and different universities in Turkey.