Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

A Message from Head of Department

Industrial Engineering is a field of engineering that deals with production, organization and distribution of goods and services that are required for our modern life in an effective and efficient way. To achieve this purpose, industrial engineers deal with specifying, planning, designing and supplying necessary labour, capital, energy, location and other resources by using modern knowledge and by taking social values into consideration. To be successful in these steps, an industrial engineer should be able to think analytically, decide realistically, and analyse effectively by prioritizing ethical values.

For this purpose, Beykent University, the Department of Industrial Engineering has three education objectives:

  1. To apply current principles of Industrial Engineering to solve complex and real-world problems.
  2. To prepare students to achieve positions of professional leadership.
  3. To engage students in continuing education and professional development.

The medium of instruction of the programme is Turkish. One year English preparatory school is optional.

Asst. Prof. Vedat Zeki YENEN
Head of Department