Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

A Message from the Head of Department

The main objective of the Department of Computer Engineering is to educate young computer engineers who will be demanded by research institutions and industry companies. On the basis of our understanding of computer engineering, we aim at educating computer engineers who can absorb theoretical knowledge and who can find practical solutions to the needs of the IT industry with the practical education and experience they have. In this context, our Department also gives importance to the skills in the use of educational activities and research projects in order to keep pace with evolving technology.

Our students may select elective courses from different disciplines along with vocational compulsory courses and technical elective courses. Vocational compulsory courses aim at fundamental education and training whereas vocational elective courses help our students focus on vocational interests and gain experience and knowledge.

In order to ensure that our students can be closer to the sector and see the opportunities and risks in advance, 40 working days of an internship is compulsory. 

All our students should submit a graduation project before leaving our Department, which is required to demonstrate all the achievements and information regarding the vocational courses. 
In summary; it is our first priority and objective to prepare the graduates of Beykent University, Department of Computer Engineering as young engineers and professionals equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge and demanded in the IT sector.

The medium of instruction in our Department is Turkish. English preparatory school is optional.

Asst. Prof. Ediz ŞAYKOL
Head of Department