Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

A Message from Head of Department

With a wide range of application areas, Chemical Engineering is a versatile engineering discipline which works on common areas such as chemical processes with many other engineering disciplines and which uses basic and occupational knowledge that is used in the design and management of all processes involving physical and chemical transformation of a substance, and in solving environmental problems.

In addition to the final products such as plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and dying substances, chemistry industry provides many sectors with raw materials or intermediate products. The variety of products provided through chemistry industry will increase in the near future for not only machinery, automotive and energy sectors, but also investment and consumption goods and information and communication technologies. The contributions of chemical engineers are bright clear in popular areas such as nanotechnology, biochemistry, genetics, biomolecules, catalysts, organic technologies, biotechnology and polymer technology where rapid scientific developments are observed.

As Beykent University, Department of Chemical Engineering which was founded in 2006-2007 Academic Year, we aim at educating engineers who have advanced Chemistry Engineering knowledge and skills, constantly develop themselves, think analytically, question, cooperate and take responsibility and who are enterprising, capable of working independently, sensitive to environment, respectful to ethical values and useful for industry, society and the state. Our modern laboratory facilities are always open to our students. Our graduates have not only the knowledge to follow the latest technological developments and applications but also the qualifications required by the industry.

The faculty members of the Department are continuing their research and development projects on various subjects. Our aim in these studies is to increase the number of national and international academic articles as a department. Together with our students, we provide an appropriate atmosphere which encourages researching, working and carrying out scientific development.

Dear students; We offer competitive education in many fields such as chemical processes, global warming, energy, environment, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc in accordance with today's dynamic development. Are you ready to be educated by us as engineers who will come up with creative solutions for the problems of our world and work for a sustainable and better world? If you are ready, we invite you to take advantage of the privileged opportunities of our Department and evaluate the opportunities.

Head of Department