Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

A Message from Head of Department

Mechanical Engineering is a field which embraces a large variety of processes such as the analysis of every kind of mechanical and energy transformation systems, their design, production, operation and maintenance. Mechanical engineers are expected to have a good knowledge of the fundamental principles of mathematics and physics as well to canalise this knowledge effectively to the design, production and analysis of mechanical and energy transformation systems.

The main objective of our Department of Mechanical Engineering is to make our graduates who complete four years of undergraduate programme to acquire problem-solving skills in technical matters on their own. In this programme, besides fundamental engineering courses, the department encourages its students to have elective courses in order to have a more inclusive education. 

Our academic staff includes experienced, full-time lecturers who have worked in national and international institutions and part-time lecturers that are working in universities in our region.

English is the medium of instruction. One year English preparatory school is compulsory.

Prof. Abdi KÜKNER
Head of Mechanical Engineering (English) Department