Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

A Message from Head of Department

In 1968, a group of scientists from different fields identified the software engineering as a new discipline because of the lack of a standard to solve software problems. Software engineering discipline has begun to gain importance through changes in the software industry along with the technological advances and computers which have become an integral part of the daily life.

Software Engineering Department has begun to carry out education activities in 2008- 2009 Academic Year. The courses are organized under the guidance of SWEBOK 2004 which is regarded as a standard by IEEE.

The aim of the Department of Software Engineering is to educate engineers who can solve, by the interdisciplinary approach, the software problems in all areas including medical diagnosis and treatment, banking, engineering, social sciences, telecommunication applications, services, art and statistical works. In the core courses of the Department, analysis and design processes, which are very important processes for the software development, are focused in detail. The phases of coding, testing and maintenance are studied theoretically. This knowledge is applied to the real-world problems in different project courses. In addition, students must complete 40 working days of software internship. In short, the main aim of the Department of Software Engineering is to educate individuals who give importance to teamwork, have analytical thinking skills, have the ability to form conjectures on solutions of different problems, design by creative ideas and improve themselves continuously.

Those who successfully complete the 4-year programme, enter the global software world as young software engineers that will be able to develop high-quality and reliable software products using various modelling techniques to solve complex problems, and deliver their products timely and at a reasonable price using their project management knowledge.

Software engineers will be sought after because of the importance of information technologies in our country as well as abroad in compliance with the framework of “The Strategy of Europe 2020”. New engineers who can adapt themselves to the changes quickly and follow technological developments, can be employed for developing software about embedded systems in both manufacture and service sectors. Rapid increase of e-state services in our country during the last decade is the indicator of the need for software in service sector. The increase of the R&D activities in different industries is another indication for innovative works.

The medium of instruction in the Department of Software Engineering is Turkish. English preparatory education is optional.

Assist. Prof. Zeynep ALTAN
Head of Department