A Message from Head of Department
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

A Message from Head of Department

The construction industry, which has grown tremendously over the last two decades, has risen again with the overthrow of the 2001 crisis. The need for qualified civil engineers who are in international standards, competent in advanced technologies and who can speak foreign languages is increasing both abroad and in the country, in the projects financed by foreign investors. Multifunctional complex constructions should be very well modelled in the computer environment and construction planning, inspection system and quality management system should be well structured so that construction projects can be built economically and in a very short period of time with international quality norms. These systems require knowledge of foreign languages, especially English, with knowledge of highly qualified computer (CAD, CAM), technology governance and building mechanics. These qualifications are available in only a small part of the current civil engineer's stock in our country which is far from satisfactory. Therefore, the need for modern engineering technology, computer-aided design, application and governance knowledge and foreign language knowledge for civil engineers is increasing every day in our country.

In addition, for example, in Istanbul, 90% of structures need to be reinforced or renewed in 25 years so that they can become durable for earthquakes. This is one of the concrete proofs of need for civil engineers as defined above.

Experts specialized on computer-aided design and information systems and the faculty members who have practical experience have been teaching Architecture, Interior Architecture and Computer Engineering successfully. With the help of these experienced academics, Beykent University aims at educating qualified civil engineers needed by our country on modern Ayazağa Campus, which has recently been built with existing computer system infrastructure 

Students are required to take 130 ECTS (AKTS) during the four-year education period. In addition, they must carry out internship for 40 working days.

English is the medium of instruction. One year English preparatory school is compulsory.

Assoc. Prof. Hasan ÖZKAYNAK
Head of Department