Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

A Message from Head of Department

The main objective of Beykent University, the Department of Energy Systems Engineering is to educate competent engineers for the firms which are operating especially in Turkish energy sector for producing, transmitting, distributing and using energy which is of vital importance. Students graduate from our Department which has been prepared according to this purpose in a way that they are equipped with knowledge and skills required by the rapidly changing energy technologies.  

The graduates must be aware of energy production, transmission, distribution and they can take part in the preparation of projects for a sustainable and reliable environment

The students who wish to study in this department are expected to be aware of the importance of both energy and environment. They must be enthusiastic, open minded, respectful and innovative people.   

Courses in this four-year programme focus on understanding, practicing and using the fundamental notions of energy. The main courses can be counted as Energy Systems I and II, Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits, Electromechanical Energy Conversion, Electricity Production and Distribution, Renewable Energy Technologies, Nuclear Energy Systems, Energy Systems Engineering Design Project, Graduation Project of Energy Systems Engineering, Energy Policy and Law.  In addition to these compulsory courses, students must carry out a 40-day internship. 

Energy Systems Engineering is a new and developing field in Turkey. Therefore, it is possible to pursue career in variety of fields. The graduates may work in all organizations and institutions, public or private sectors, universities, R&D institutions national and international firms related to energy.  

Turkish is the medium of instruction. One-year English preparatory school is optional.

Prof. Adnan KAYPMAZ
Head of Department